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  • Il Crudo dal Mare

    Carpaccio-fileted freshly fished seafood, tartare of *JC MACKINTOSH wild red tuna, large prawns and Carabineros prawn.

  • Il Tagliere dell’OSTERIA

    Assortment of delicious cold meats and cheeses made by I TADDEO as an homage to the best Umbrian tradition.

  • Il Vitello tonnato

    Veal carpaccio with creamy tuna sauce, garnished with Lampedusa caper.

  • La caprese di mare

    Caprese salad with pink tomato, Mozzarella di Bufala and sea bass tartare.

  • La tartare di manzo

    Finely minced raw meat seasoned with I Taddeo EVO oil, salt, black pepper, parsley and chopped caper.

  • Le Cozze alla “MAMMA di MINO”

    Fried mussels stuffed with peppered breadcrumb filling, Pecorino cheese, egg and parsley, accompanied by a sweet & sour onion compote.

  • Le Crescentine Bologna

    Fried pasta dough squares, made according to the ancient recipe of Bologna’s “Sdaure”.

Our specialities

  • Il Pollo della “Zia Vania”

    Chicken morsels on bone, breaded and fried as Aunt Vania used to, served with fragrant Spanish mayonnaise.

  • Il Polpo alla brindisina

    Modern version of the traditional “Purpu i Patani” recipe. Galician octopus tentacle served with a quenelle of steamed potatoes, accompanied by a yogurt sauce and beetroot powder.

  • Il tataki

    Tuna tataki in black and white sesame seed crust and mustard.

  • Il tonno

    Tuna grilled steak marinated with thyme and lemon.

  • La Parmigiana di mare

    The classical eggplant parmigiana recipe from Mediterranean vegetable gardens, revisited with seafood by adding Galician cuttlefish.

  • La Rana Pescatrice alla Martina

    Galician monkfish au gratin, served with I TADDEO extra virgin olive oil.

  • Lo Scrigno

    Whipped salt cod served in a filo pastry basket, garnished with steamed Altedo green asparagus and DOP Bronte pistachio grains.

  • Sua Maestà La frittura di mare

    Galician cuttlefish rings and shrimps dusted in semolina flour and golden-fried according to tradition.


  • Il Tagliolino scampo e zenzero

    ‘Narrow’ tagliatelle with prawns, enrobed in the pan with ginger-scented cream, according to the famous recipe of the Chef Cosimo Martina.

  • La mezza manica all’amatriciana

    A Roman cuisine gem. D.O.P tomato preserve, pepper-cured guanciale bacon and ITADDEO extra virgin olive oil.

  • La tagliatella al ragù

    Tasty thin egg pasta with meat sauce and a sprinkling of parmesan.

  • La tagliatella seppia e pecorino

    The tastes of the sea and of the pastures exalt each other thanks to Chef Martina’s magic. Northern cuttlefish*, fresh tomatoes, basil, fresh parsley, I TADDEO extra virgin olive oil and Rodez Pecorino cheese for the ‘mantecatura’ (enrobing in creamy sauce).

  • Lo Spaghetto “Alberto Sordi”

    Whipped salt cod served in a filo pastry basket, garnished with steamed Altedo green asparagus and DOP Bronte pistachio grains.

  • Lo Spaghetto alla carbonara

    The real Carbonara from Rome. Eggs, pepper, Pecorino, Parmigiano and I TADDEO pepper-cured guanciale bacon.

  • Lo Spaghetto alle vongole

    The traditional Neapolitan dish. Simple and yet delicious, served with a dusting of fresh parsley and a drizzle of I TADDEO extra virgin olive oil.

  • Lo Spaghetto con carabineros

    Spaghetti with Huelva “Carabineros” prawns.

Stuffed pasta

  • Il Raviolo di asparagi con carabineros

    Stuffed with Altedo asparagus and Huelva Carabineros prawns.

  • Il Raviolo di funghi con crema di parmigiano

    Stuffed with wild mushrooms and enrobed in cream of DOP Parmigiano Reggiano aged 30 months.


  • Hazelnut icecream

  • Il Tiramisù al pistacchio

    A modern and flavourful version of the classical recipe.

  • Il Tortino al cioccolato con gelato alla vaniglia

    The firm chocolate flavour blends with the delicacy of vanilla.

  • La Crème brûlée

    A rich vanilla-flavoured cream topped with caramelized sugar.

  • la panna cotta ai frutti rossi

  • Lemon sorbet

  • Vanilla icecream

  • Dear Guests, Dear Friends, the pasta you are about to taste during your experience at the Osteria del Sole is made here and exclusively by hand by our precious pasta maker Carla in the restaurant’s kitchen.
    This is how we can transmit all of the authenticity of our dishes and exalt the quality of the raw materials they contain, in full compliance with the values of Italian food and wine tradition.
    In order to understand where we are headed it is essential to remember where we come from …
    The Osteria del Sole I Taddeo Family